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In the early years to afford horses my dad would do some good old fashioned horse trading to get a deal on horses coming off of kill trucks.  A little TLC and a lot of work we could train them up to a decent horse.  Later we moved to registered stock with stud horses and broodmares to raise our own quality performances horse to win at state championship levels.

The dream to own our own tack store started many years ago for Laura and I.  A few setbacks and a lot of determination later we are realizing our dream.  Cowboys and punchers is our small family owned store stocked with affordable tack to meet everyone's budget from a good trail horse to performance horses.  To keep our dream alive we know we must always earn the trust of you, our customers and friends!  We know there are many online only stores to buy from but what sets us apart is our word.  You won't get that from a large online store but you will from us regardless if you buy on our site or visit our store.  As i recently read on a site on cowboy ethics, things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile and a grateful heart.  We hope to see you soon.

Brian and Laura Blankenship

Brian and Laura Blankenship
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